How much does it cost?

How much does Ketamine-Assisted Therapy cost?

Currently this treatment is not covered by NHS or insurance providers.


Initial medical assesment - £280

It is vital that all eligibility criteria have been answered correctly and GP records have been submitted prior to the initial assessment. This is to give the best possible chance of the client being accepted on to the treatment program. The payment for the initial assessment is non-refundable. Payment will not be taken until GP records have been reviewed and our medical team see no immediate eligibility issues. We take these steps in advance to try and reduce the chance of not being accepted. However this is not a guarantee and the medical team will make the final decision at the assessment based on what is best for the client from a medical standpoint.

Full Treatment - £5,050 (including initial medical assessment)


Additional treatment options (after initial treatment)

Additional therapy sessions - £110 per session

Booster sessions - £1,080 per session

Repeat initial medical assessments - £165 per assessment

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